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A wise friend told me to get creative....

Turns out it was a bloody good idea! So here is a little insite in to why I do it, and why I think you should to!

I had forgotten how much fun it is to sit down and create something.

Work In Progress. this will eventually be a jumper..... Hopefully!

Arts and Crafts gives me a mental relief from PH. The main issue that is associated with PH is breathlessness, and for me I often get chest pains and palpitations these can be common within PH sufferers. Living with PH means living on medications, and with all medications come side effects, these are just something we must live with on top of the PH as without them our life would be much greater effected and shortened. (I will write a separate post about living with side effects.)

Reasons why I love arts and crafts;

- I helps me feel productive

- I can do them sitting down

- I can lose myself in the moment

- Sometime they turn out great and you can wear them

- You feel like you have achieved something, which is a satisfaction I’m yet to get from watching the TV (I’m still trying so I’ll keep you posted)

But arts and crafts provide me with a space where I can almost forget all these things. (I say almost because a heart palpation is never not going to stop you from what you are doing.)

Sometimes I will get hard on myself if I think what I am trying to create is not coming out as good as I had hoped. A lesson I have been trying to learn is its not about being perfect it’s about about doing them.

Whatever you are making, whether that is painting, cross stitch, knitting, drawing, whatever it is if you are enjoying yourself that is is enough it doesn’t matter how it turns out. And then when it does turn out great well that is just the icing on the cake. I have got more unfinished and crap projects than I have finished and happy with. And that is okay! It helps me be me without PH for however long and that is time well spent if you ask me.

Now don’t just take my word for it.

Being creative has been proven to help with both anxiety and depression along with many other benefits.

Making has been shown to boost brain activity and your mood, and even slow your heart rate. One of the ways making improves your mood is through dopamine’s, your brain is flooded with these natural anti-depressants, and this will help with motivation. Which if your anything like me you can be lacking.

Crafting can also help with feelings of isolation and may help you connect with people as social media is full of people who might be experts or just starting up keen to share their skills.

The art of making has also been compared to meditation and is a great activity for when you are trying to be mindful.

This painting is farrrrr from perfect..... but I enjoyed making it none the less....

Lets hope I get better with practice....

So if like me you sometimes feel trapped and frustrated with your body, then why not try a craft, there is so many options I think it would be hard not to find one you love!

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