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BIG UPDATE; I got my Transplant 28.06.2021

Hello Everyone,

So firstly, huge thank you to everyone who came and supported mum out on her run and donated to the PHA, we raised a Whooping £896.25

And now for the REALLY BIG NEWS!!!!!

That very evening that Mum completed her run, I got the FLIPPPING CALL!


There was a potential match!

This is what I had been waiting for, the bloody call! I of started to cry and hyperventilate, but me and Monica talked it though we calmed down, we woke the family up and got ready for the Ambulance car to arrive.... (You can watch the updates I was sending to my friends and family from a highlight on my Instagram)

He arrived and his name was John, and he played clubland classics which I enjoyed, I even fell asleep on the way, now that could be because I had got up at 7 for Mum surprise run Breakfast, or maybe that show how ill I was. I slept when we got to the hospital to. Was my body getting ready or was I just exhausted? Who knows?

By 8 o'clock I was getting very frustrated as I was sooooo thirsty. I just wanted to know either way so I could have a drink.

I kept saying to Mum, I obviously want this to be a match and to go ahead, but if it isn't at least I can have a drink and watch Love Island tonight!

Well eventually Daniel came in for a update and he told me it was a match everything is looking perfect, we are going to theatre in 10 mins!

We got ready I sat in the wheelchair, and I said "Ok, Vicki 2.0 starts here"

And of we went.

I hugged Mum told her I loved her and into theatre I went.

I expected myself to have a huge meltdown and to completely freak out when the time came but for some reason the opposite happened, I had a few tears, but I felt calm.

I told myself this is my chance, this is what I want, these people are the best in the world, you can trust them. You have to this; they have got this.

Everyone was so friendly and chatty, and within minutes I was asleep.

And so began what I can only image was a very long day for everyone else.

They woke me up the next day at 11am. I can remember hearing My doctor saying she is waking up quick. I can remember the feeling on the thing in my throat at first it wasn’t very nice, because it was breathing for me, and I heard them say she is fighting the machine that was breathing for me after they turned that off, I felt much better. But I was still so thirsty! I remember that I kept asking for a drink. I remember my 1st drink it was bloody lovely I couldn’t get enough; I have since been told that I had drank a litre of water in the 1st hour and was very quickly put on a fluid restriction.

This is the second day on ICU

Caroline has since told me that I was holding up my fingers telling her that I had only waited for 7 months, I was a month out, but we can forgive myself for that, I was just waking up from major surgery.

My eye where fuzzy for a while, and the 1st day is differently a blur. My experience on IUC was a very pleasant one, I think that this is partly because of how the Royal Papworth Hospital is laid out, everything is designed for infection control, which makes everything pretty private. But the main reason is of course the Nurses they were incredible and looked after me so well. I can’t thank them enough, these people are real life super heroes, they go to work everyday and the save real lives! For shit pay, they deserve so much better!

After 5 day was moved up to the ward, at 1st I was so scared to move, to go from having a nurse in with you 24hours to relying on a buzzer seem very very daunting too me. But it was fine, infact it was good.

Now all the days kinda roll into one here.

I had my 1st drain pulled out before moving up to the ward. Then over the next few days I had more drains removed. Unfortunately the second drain that was removed got stuck! And was traumatic, but they held my hand and they managed to get it out. Honestly how it feels when they pull these out of you, is bloody disgusting to be honest and I hated them.

Eventually I was drain free! And it felt so good! I could now do walking!! The physio came and we started walking and doing stairs and then eventually the exercise bike too.

Everything was going to plan everyone is happy! I was then allowed home only 15day later!

I have since been back for my 1st biopsy which unfortunately showed some signs of acute rejection which I have been treated for with some IV steroids and is very normal, I am due back for my second biopsy to have a check that we have stopped it this week, so fingers crossed that we have.

So that is that! I’ll be back soon to keep you up to date with what is happening next, but for now its just walking, cycling, recovering and hospital trips 😊

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