• Vicki Lee

Disapointing news...

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Today I should have been having some important tests to see how my heart is doing and why I have been having dizzy spells and episodes of raising heart beats. Due to the COVID crisis these have now been cancelled till March....

On one hand I understand, on the other hand I am frustrated and scared. I feel let down and in limbo again.

You hear lots on the news about how these restrictions cause problems for people’s mental health, which I understand and empathises with. But because of delayed response’s, it will also have caused problems for people’s physical health both directly and indirectly of COVID.

So, let’s make sure we follow the rules, wear our masks and wash our hands, and hopefully the winter will pass quickly.

Stay Safe.

I have also added a picture of a Letter I received outlining the current situation and how it is affecting transplants up and down the country.

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