• Vicki Lee

Guess who made it to 31!

Well its official I have made it too the grand age of 31!

Wasn’t sure I was going to, but I’m so bloody grateful to still be here, and healthier than I have been in a very long time. And that is all thanks to my donor, their family and everyone at the Royal Papworth that have looked after me.

I honestly can’t really describe how amazing it feels, its hard to remember how ill I was now. It’s like two different people.

Had some more FOB’s (aka biopsies for rejection) and they have come back clear so I have two whole weeks with no hospital visits! And no more FOB’s for 4 weeks! So what a treat that is!

I’m hoping to get out to look at the sea, some sunflowers and lots of walks.

Not much more to update on really, everything is going well, the smile has barely left my face and the joy I am getting from the little things make my heart fizz is a very happy way 😊 One VHV here (Very Happy Vicki)

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