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Hospital tests are agoooooo......

Hi just a little update from me,

In a few days I will be attending Papworth to have my right heart catheter (RHC). This is a test to measure the pressures in my heart, I am also going to be wearing a 24 hour tape which will recorded my heart to pick up and irregularities; palpitations and whatnots! From these results I may be moved up the priority categories. I expect I will know this on my next appointment with the Consultants.

The thought of moving up the category is a bit exciting as it will most likely mean I will get my transplant sooner rather then later. However, it absolutely terrifies me because I will get my transplant sooner rather than later.

There are a few things that I do to get ready for hospital appointments, as they are always a bit scary, even ones with out test.

To get ready for my RHC I am practicing my safe space meditation, I have also been working on mindful meditation, both of which I think will be helpful. In fact, the one I was listening to last night was about practicing meditation with discomfort, which I think will be a very beneficial skill if I can master that.

I am also getting my bags ready in case for some reason they feel the need to keep me in.

And I am also having an extra Mindset session with my girl Eliza to try and get my head in the right mindset for and situations!

I am very relived to be having my tests, but I also get filled with anxiety and my brain starts to spiral. So, this week is very much about getting my head in the game and managing my mind and all that! Anyways I will let you know how it goes and all that next week!

Wish me Luck!

Eliza is a wonderful mindset coach and I really recommend having a chat to her about her coaching as I can't tell you how helpful it has been for me.

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