• Vicki Lee

I'm on a podcast, chatting about mental health and life waiting for a Transplant

So yesterday saw the release of my episode of Eliza’s Podcast. And I have had some great feedback from my cheer squad! (Thank you so much its really appreciated). And for me personally it has come out at the perfect time, as I had had been feeling a little down in the dumps and in a slump, so it was great to hear all my own advice, that I had forgotten.

In the podcast me and Eliza talk about mental health and the importance of looking after it. When waiting for a transplant and living with illness like PH it can be so easy to get sucked into the doom that you can feel about these situations. And therefore its so important to practice things like mindfulness is so important as it pull you into the now. Which if we want to get philosophical is all that exists.

In the podcast we chat about why I need my transplant, what its like waiting for a transplant amongst a global pandemic. How to be positive, that its OK to not always be positive! How a year of being called vulnerable by society has made me feel, and my three pieces of advice.

I really enjoyed chatting with Eliza and I hope you enjoy it to.

You can find the episode on Spotify and Apple music.

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