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Long time no type, I had lost my hype.


Slowly but surly I am getting my mojo back! So, what has been going on? Well, I have had a few migraines, which in all honesty, really upset me and get me down in the dumps because of how shit they make me feel. They are also a HUGE source of my anxiety.

I have also had my Right Heart Catheter at Papworth which was an exceptionally long and testing day! I was there on time OF COURSE (that’s just how I roll) but for some reason the reception didn’t have me down for the RHC so I was waiting for well over an hour (Yes, I should have gone to reception after half hour but I thought it was 40 mins so I waited for that long).

Anyways I got called in to have my 24-hour tape fitted, this was meant to be put on after the RHC so I told the lovely lady that I haven’t had my RCH, and she looked on the system and I was DUE IN at 8.30am but for some reason that wasn’t on the reception system, god knows why. Anyway, the long and the short of it is, I did a LOT of walking and then had my RHC done.

Now I struggle to lie flat, and this is something where I had to lie flat, so I told the guy who was doing the procedure this. Which meant that as soon as I laid down that was it, he was on! My face was under the sterile zone and my head was gone! I was quite anxious and kept asking things like how much longer, on repeat. I think I annoyed the guy, but oh well.

We got through it! And I was proud of myself.

Then I had my 24hour tape fitted and waited another 2 and a half hours to see the consultant, who then broke the news to me that my pressures are not high enough to make me a priority, which was a bit of a blow for me because I had been mentally preparing to get this train moving. So, we are still predicted a long wait.

But let’s look at the positives! I am feeling relatively well all things considered, so slow and steady! Let bring on the second vaccination and the summer and enjoy ourselves hey!! We have been given the gift of time.

Wearing My 24 Hour tape.

This is me the day after the RHC, you can see the dye they painted me with and where they went in.

And this is the RHC site a few days after, I had an achy neck for a few days but nothing to traumatic.

What else has been going on…

Well, I have read some books, I’m on my third book about the retelling of Greek Mythology, I might be a little obsessed.

They are for anyone who is interested;

The song of Achilles By Madeline Miller. This was a 5* from me!

The Silence of the Girls By Pat Barker. This was 3.5* from me probably because I m too invested in Milers version of Achilles.

And currently Lore by Alexander Bracken I am loving this one but it’s a bit different as its set-in modern-day New York and is definitely giving me City of Bone vibes!

I have also been heavily invested in The Circle #whatthebloody #thatending

And of course, Line of Duty. I have re binged the 1st 5 seasons and I watch the new episodes on Sunday and then again Monday morning. Also listening to the podcast obsessed with line of duty because I am! Can’t get enough!

I have also been enjoying outside cuppas with the besties and fam! Bring on the warmer weather please!!

And finally, I have been trying to meet my step count every day, and I am very happy to report that I have completed two weeks of meeting my goals and I’m increasing my aim on a weekly basis!

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