• Vicki Lee

Morning Appreciation

Today was my final mind set session with the absolute diamond Eliza Bell! And I can honestly say this has been the best time spent in a LONG time!

When I started the coaching, I was feeling lost and trapped in this failing body. I mean I am still that but my mindset to the situation has changed.

I feel the faith that my time is coming, and that I have the strength for everything.

I move more! I am feeling fitter? If that is possible.

I have let go of my resentment to my situation I have fully accepted that I am in this situation and its just a wave I have got to ride out.

I have noticed my weaknesses and where I need to focus my mind to make sure I’m prepared.

And even thought I am preparing for the fight of my life, I have been reminded that everyday is import and worthy of my joy!

I’m appreciating the small things.

I’m getting dressed almost every day!

I’m setting achievable targets and celebrating when I meet them.

I have pushed myself out of my comfort zones (mentally), and I am aiming to continue to do this.

I feel happiness and gratitude.

I feel purposeful.

I feel more like myself than I have in years!

So this is just a quick appreciation post for my girl, my mentor, my friend Eliza! Thank you for helping me find parts of myself I didn’t know I had lost, for sharing your knowledge, and helping me feel heard and understood when I didn’t realise that’s what my life was missing!

You can find Eliza on her insta

or on her website

She has been making big moves for the transplant community so that we know we are not alone.

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