• Vicki Lee

Symptom Tracking

This year I have decided to take control. With the COVID issues still effecting hospital appointments and treatments, I have brought myself a small pocket diary to keep track of my symptoms so that I can potentially see any trends, deterioration or anything else like that.

I always try to make a note of things that I need to talk to the doctors about before my appointments but to be honest this is normally done the night before, which, lets face it, half of what I wanted to mention has been well and truly forgotten by the time I’m there.

So, I hope that recording my symptoms will help give both me and the doctors a clearer picture of what is happening. by no means is it going to be perfect; I’m forgetful at the best of times, but it will be an improvement and that’s the main thing - and will help with the question, “how often do you get these things?” to which my mind goes blank, and I ALMOST always say, “often but not that often.” I mean really… what does that mean Vicki?!

Anyway, here is a glance inside before I have scribbled my symptoms in.

The things I’m trying to recorded is

a. What happened i.e., palpation

b. What time it happened

c. And what I was doing i.e., walking

d. How long I felt that way.

So, I will let you know how helpful or unhelpful my new symptom tracking project is! I am one month in so let’s hope I keep the habit up!

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