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Transplant Chats with Eliza a Podcast

Podcasts are a great place for learning you can jump in or jump out whenever you need. And when I found Eliza’s Podcast last year, “Transplant Chats with Eliza” this was a Hallelujah moment for me, as I had so many questions, and this is the place to start.

Eliza had been diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy as a child and later developed severe heart failure which led to her needing a Transplant. Eliza later received a DCD heart transplant at the Royal Papworth Hospital in the early 2019. Since then, Eliza has been an amazing advocate for transplants. One of the ways Eliza has been advocating for transplants and transplant patients is via her podcast Transplants Chats with Eliza.

I asked Eliza what inspired her to start the podcast and she told me “I wanted to create support resources for people like me. To help people feel positive and feel like a transplant is a start not a end.” She also told me that she feels its important because often at the start of your transplant journey you don’t know anyone who has been through it, and because of this she wants to build a community.

And all I can say is hats of too you Eliza because since finding this podcast I have found myself in welcomed into the online transplant community, and because of it I have felt inspired to share my own story and experiences, which has definitely helped make me feel empowered in my journey! So big thanks to you Eliza for inspiring me and supporting me through this!

Anyways enough about me back to the podcast!

In her First series Eliza Talks to people both pre and post-transplant, from lung transplant, liver transplants, what happened after transplants and much, much more!

And NOW she is back (18th March 2021) …..

For a brand-new season of Transplant Chats with Eliza and I cannot recommend giving this podcast a listen more! If your pre, or post-transplant, if you know someone in this situation or if you are simply curious about anything transplant related.

This season Eliza is focusing on interviewing people from the Royal Papworth Transplant Centre. She talks many people such as dietitians, physiotherapist, nursing staff, other members of the medical team, people on the wait list, having a heart and lung transplant, how to live on a surgical ward, and writing to your donor family to just name a few!

In the 1st episode she talks to Mr Large about his work on the DCD heart. The what now I hear you say!? Well, that’s what I thought anyways!! So here is what the NHS website has to say about a DCD donation.

“Donation after Circulatory Death (DCD), previously referred to as donation after cardiac death or non-heartbeating organ donation, refers to the retrieval of organs for the purpose of transplantation from patients whose death is diagnosed and confirmed using cardio-respiratory criteria. There are two principal types of DCD, controlled and uncontrolled.”

Eliza herself is the replicant on a DCD heart and it was fascinating to hear the two of them discussing how the use of DCD hearts has come into play, and the amazing effects that this has had on the heart waiting list, along with some of the science behind adapting this method! This is an amazing listen as it was a real insight into how transplant sciences are ever evolving and how they work on developing new technics. And the energy the two have when conversing is infectious!

Now I could go on and tell you ALL the amazing things I learnt from listening to this episode. But a pet hate of mine in SPOILERS so I won’t be giving any away! You will have to go listen!

In the next episode Eliza talks to Bec. Bec is currently waiting on a lung transplant and like me has PH so I of course found this episode very relatable. In this episode the pair discuss life on the list and what its like to go through being assessed for a transplant. Which is a great topic to discuss as before I had been for my assessment this was a great cause of anxiety for me. So, I recommend giving this one a listen if you are waiting to be assessed. And even if you’re not I think its great to hear other peoples experiences because they might say one thing that stops you from feeling quite so alone.

So that was overview of the first two episodes to come, but believe me there are many more amazing conversations just waiting for you to hear!

So, get ready because they are coming out once a week! And you never know you might hear a familiar voice *winkyface.

There are many reasons why I love to listen to this Podcast and why you might enjoy them too!

- It’s relatable, what I am feeling others have felt or are feeling to.

- It takes a way a little of the fear to know others have been though this and come out the other side.

- Helps me feel prepared for what is to come.

- I can point friend and family in this direction so that they can understand better.

- Knowledge is power and knowing you are not alone is powerful!


You can listen by looking for Transplant Chats with Eliza on Spotify or Apple

Or you can follow this link!

You can also follow Eliza on her Instagram

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